Qualifying For HUD Housing Section 8 Vouchers In American Fork, UT

HUD Housing eligibility is determined by the Utah County Public Housing Authority.

Income may not exceed 50% of the median income from the table below. The Housing Authority must provide 75 percent of vouchers to those whose income does not exceed 30% of the median income listed below.

HUD Income Limits 2023 in American Fork, UT.

HUD Designated Metro Area: Income Limits

2023Median Family Income2022 Yearly Income Limit2022 Yearly Income Limit - Person(s) in Family
Income LimitsCategory12345
Utah County, UT$106,900Very Low Income (50%)$44,600$49,550$53,550$57,500$61,450
Extremely Low Income (30%)$26,800$30,000$35,140$40,280$45,420
Low Income (80%) $71,400$79,300$85,650$92,000$98,350

Utah County Public Housing Authorities

We have listed all of the housing authorities in Utah County. Using the chart above, if you qualify as low income (Very Low Income OR Extremely Low Income), we recommend that you visit your local housing authority. They should be your first stop for housing and rental assistance programs.
1. To get on the waiting list for Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8), visit the links provided below to the closest Utah County housing authority to your city in your city.
2. You can also visit the Housing Authority for other low income housing programs with rent assistance.

Housing Authority of Utah County

240 East Center Street
Provo, UT - 84606
Utah County
Website: http://www.co.utah.ut.us/Dept/Hauc/index.asp
Phone Number: (801) 373-8333

Provo City Housing Authority

650 West 100 North
Provo, UT - 84601
Utah County
Website: http://haprovo.com/
Phone Number: (801) 852-7080

HUD Housing Low Income Tax Credit (LIHTC) Properties In American Fork, UT

Listed below are the Section 42, LIHTC apartments in American Fork, UT. LIHTC apartment rents are not based on the tenants income. Income credit set aside brackets are selected during the apartment credit applications are used to determine the apartment rents.

The rents are based upon the Area Medium Income (AMI) and tenant based utility allowances. At least 20% of these apartments (listed below), must provide these low rates for low-income tenants.

LIHTC Maximum Rents

The maximum allowable rents are equal to 30% of the Area Medium Income (AMI), less the utility allowances.

HUD Fair Market Rents for American Fork, UT Utah County

Apartment SizeHUD's Monthly Fair Market Rent For AreaLIHTC Maximum Rent
Studio Apartments$914Estimated $274.20 - utility allowance
One Bedroom Apartments$1041Estimated $312.30 - utility allowance
Two Bedroom Apartments$1479Estimated $443.70 - utility allowance
Three Bedroom Apartments$1782Estimated $534.60 - utility allowance

Available LIHTC Properties In American Fork, UT

Using the table above you can estimate what you would be paying by checking the LIHTC Maximum Rent section.

Contact these properties for openings and wait lists and price lists.

Rosewood Place

21, 23, 25, 27 N. 300 E.
American Fork, UT - 84003
Total Apartment Units: 12
Total Apartment Low Income Apartments: 12
1 Bedroom apartments 12
Years In Service Since: 2011
Family Apartments: YES
Senior Apartments: YES
Disabled Apartments: YES
Accepts Homeless: YES

Pacific Drive

559 W. Pacific Court Circle
American Fork, UT - 84003
Total Apartment Units: 26
Total Apartment Low Income Apartments: 26
1 Bedroom apartments 24
Years In Service Since: 2018
Family Apartments: YES
Senior Apartments: YES
Disabled Apartments: YES
Accepts Homeless: YES

HUD Housing Section 8 and Multifamily Properties in American Fork, UT

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development provides active listings of Section 8 and Multifamily apartments. We have listed them below for you to contact. Check with them to see if they have current availabilities and/or waiting lists. With Section 8 properties, you will need a voucher. Contact the Utah County Public Housing Authorities, listed at the top of this page.

Maple Village Apts

445 E 500 S
American Fork, UT - 84003
Total Apartment Units: 40
Type of Listing: Subsidized - Previously Insure

About our Data

Our data is collected from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development data along with computations based on their rules on apartments/housing.

How does HUD housing work in UT?

You must qualify for the HUD apartments in the area you are searching. Then, you need to apply directly at the location or through the Public Housing Authority.